In October 2022, a request was sent to the Airborne Law Enforcement network, asking for nominations of "shining stars" within the industry. Specifically, we were looking for those individuals that strongly represent the positive fundamentals of airborne law enforcement. Of the nominations, two recipients would be selected for a "full-ride scholarship" of our Comprehensive Thermal Tactics Virtual Training Course. 

We were overwhelmed by the response, receiving significantly more nominations than anticipated. After reading each and every nomination, we expanded the recipients to include two domestic and two international recipients. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who took the time to enter and nominate an individual. It was truly inspiring to read about all the hardworking men and women worldwide who represent the fundamentals of what we all do. They shine a positive light on policing and the airborne law enforcement community.

Deputy Brittany Allison
San Juan County Sheriff’s Office
Aztec, NM

Known as "the hardest working TFO to come through our doors," Deputy Allison with the San Juan County Sheriffs Office was nominated for her "infectious enthusiasm" and always chomping at the bit to go fly. A proud wife and mother of 3, Deputy Allison has a multitude of assignments and experience she brings with her to the aviation unit. Her  9 1/2 years in law enforcement and backgrounds in assignments such as Patrol Division, Civil Division, SORNA Unit and other specialties have led to her being a value add to Aviation. 

Deputy Allison is relentless in her goal to become an expert in all things TFO, which led to her being selected as a unit TFO trainer.  SJCSO utilizes a innovative training model in which a trainer rides backseat with the new TFO's, guiding them in their initial training stages and allows the PIC to focus on safety of flight until the rookie TFO can demonstrate basic proficiency. Deputy Allisons utilization as a unit trainer speaks to her contribution to the aviation unit.

Deputy Thomas Davis, TFO - Riverside County Sheriffs Department

Deputy Davis, a Tactical Flight Officer for the Riverside County Sheriffs department in California has been with RCSD for 17 years. During his time, he has worked a number of assignments to include patrol, Field Training Officer (FTO), SWAT, Off-Road Enforcement, Fugitive Apprehension Task Force and now assigned to Aviation as a TFO.

Referred to as "one of our best street cops", Deputy Davis was nominated by three different supervisory officers from three different patrol stations. The nominations  spoke highly of his experience and most importantly, his motivation to self-improve his skills as a Tactical Flight Officer. Although Deputy Davis is relatively new to airborne law enforcement, he is always striving to learn and his 20+ years of law enforcement experience cause him to be relied on by the command to train newly assigned deputy TFO's. 

John Cook
Constable, Peel Regional Police
Ontario, Canada

Assigned to the Air Support Unit, Constable Cook primarily works as a K9 Handler, in which both canine officers and aviation unit officers jointly support police operations through a unique collaboration. John has been assigned to the Air Support Unit since its inception in 2016, and took it upon himself to introduce drones as a resource to the Peel Regional Police. Self taught in Pix4D, John became an accident reconstructionist and was part of the original working group to implement drones to be used for tactical suspect apprehensions.

John is known amongst his peers as a proponent of advancing the unit through studious examination and testing of new equipment, having a strong voice during monthly training sessions, and always challenging himself and those around him to improve their skills. He is extremely active in the unit, causing those around to wonder "when he sleeps." Even as a full time K9 handler, John still figures out ways to advance the Air Support Unit.

Ewan Maxwell
Senior Constable / Tactical Flight Officer
Aviation Command
New South Wales Police Force

Constable Maxwell, a TFO with the New South Wales Police Force in Australia was recognized by his peers for his motivated attitude when performing their many missions that include rescue winches, search and rescue and suspect apprehension. Constable Maxwell has shown a passion for aviation since an early age by obtaining his pilots license as a teenager.

With his nearly 12 years in law enforcement, Constable Maxwell has been assigned to Patrol, Proactive Crime Teams, became certified as a Highway Patrol Operative and Field Training Officer. In 2017 he received a local "Police Officer of the Year" award. 

During the same year, he also applied for and was selected to join NSWPF Aviation Command as a TFO. Since then he has become certified as a Mission Controller, Systems Operator, Hoist Operator and Aircrew Trainer as he rotates between the fleet of Bell 429s, Bell 412s and Cessna Grand Caravans the NSWPF operates. His colleagues describe him as a "hard charger" they are honored to have the privilege of working with.