San Diego, California (September 27, 2022) - Tactical Flying Inc. announced the launch of the first of its kind web based training for Tactical Flight Officers and Police Pilots in the Airborne Law Enforcement Industry.  This training is available for anyone operating an aerial asset in airborne law enforcement. 

Comprised of 15+ hours worth of training and segmented into 17 (approximately 1 hour long) modules, the Comprehensive Thermal Tactics class can be completed from the comfort of your own computer, at your own pace. The course covers the fundamentals of police aviation, with a specific emphasis on aviation safety, IR tactics, tactical aircraft positioning and suspect tactics. By using 3D imaging, real-life and practical scenario mission videos, the viewer receives the same in-depth instruction that is taught worldwide to thousands of airborne law enforcement aircrew. A tour of their course can be found HERE.

Nick Minx, Owner of Tactical Flying, developed this training during the COVID pandemic when agencies and individuals were limited in attending trainings because of either travel or financial restrictions. "Many agencies needed a way to continue their recurrency training and reached out to us for a way to train remotely. We spent 10 months developing, recording and editing a web based version of our most popular thermal tactics class that would give agencies a solution to continue their training" said Minx. 

The course offers a flexible and low cost solution for anyone from an individual LE aviator all the way to the largest of air support units as a way to stay current on ALE tactics. Especially beneficial for large air support units who are unable to operationally stand down their entire unit for multiple days to complete traditional in-person training, the virtual training gives an alternative option for these agencies to be able to maintain their tactical knowledge base.

"Our goal was to make this class informative and easy to watch and as close as possible to the in-person training experience. So far, the feedback has been incredible as to the benefits of a web based TFO/Pilot training course for airborne law enforcement. We're grateful for the opportunity to share our curriculum with those who would have been otherwise unable to attend our courses."

The course was produced by utilizing studio quality lighting, audio and video and taught in front of a green screen. A far cry from a Zoom class, the course offers in-depth content and a professional grade platform in which students receive a completion certificate and unit managers can be provided with metrics to track their employees progress.

Tactical Flying Inc. offers airborne law enforcement training to both domestic and international law enforcement and military units operating aerial assets. They are well known worldwide and conduct both in-person and virtual traditional classroom instruction. Their instructors are airborne law enforcement professionals with decades of experience in the airborne law enforcement industry. They can be contacted at