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Har Brink

Tactics Instructor

Meet Harald Brink, our esteemed Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) Instructor at the forefront of advanced law enforcement aviation training.

With a robust career spanning over three decades, Harald initially served as a dedicated police officer within the bustling city of The Hague. His path soon transitioned from patrolling the city streets to soaring the skies as part of the Dutch National Police's traffic unit, an opportunity that combined his commitment to public safety with a passion for high-performance vehicles such as the Porsche 911 and Volvo T5.

His extensive experience in combating organized crime across diverse terrains - land, sea, and air - eventually steered him towards the aviation sector. In 2009, Harald's expertise took flight when he joined the Dutch National Police Air Support Unit as a Tactical Flight Officer, marking the beginning of a significant chapter in his career.

By 2013, Harald had ascended to the role of TFO Instructor, sharing his vast knowledge on the intricacies of the AW139 and EC135 helicopters, both integral to the Air Support Unit's fleet. His leadership and proficiency in the field were further recognized in early 2023 when he was appointed as the Chief TFO Instructor for the AW139, reflecting his dedication to excellence in airborne law enforcement.

Harald's contributions to the field are not just limited to his instructional duties. He's a respected voice at PAvCon Europe, where he engages TFOs from across the continent, imparting wisdom on cutting-edge topics such as infrared tactics, suspect tracking, and strategic aircraft positioning. His vision for PAvCon is to see it mirror the success of APSCON's training days, as he notes the growing interest in specialized training within Europe.

Beyond the conference scene, Harald's initiative led to the creation of a Tactical Flying class in Amsterdam, drawing in 45 European colleagues, a testament to his commitment to collaborative learning and international cooperation.

With over 4000 flight hours, primarily aboard the AW139, his mastery of the craft is unparalleled. Harald's hands-on expertise with advanced technological systems—spanning searchlights, mapping systems, and electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) equipment—ensures that his knowledge is not only current but also forward-thinking, constantly seeking advancements to enhance the efficacy of Airborne Law Enforcement.

Harald Brink is not just an instructor; he is a visionary in aviation law enforcement, dedicated to elevating the capabilities of TFOs and pilots worldwide.

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