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Jeff Moring

Tactics Instructor - Fixed Wing Lead

Jeff Moring is a 23-year veteran of the California Highway Patrol, with 17 years in the department’s Golden Gate Division Air Operations unit as a fixed wing Tactical Flight Officer. During his time in Air Ops, Jeff held the position of primary fixed wing TFO trainer, Fixed Wing Associate Chief TFO, Fixed Wing Safety Officer and worked closely with the Fixed Wing Chief Pilot, contributing to the specifications and design of the TFO workspace in all seven of CHP's AirVans. He was also a member of the Golden Gate Division Site Vulnerability Assessment Team and was responsible for programming the aircraft radios which included more than 100 agencies and over 1000 channels.

Jeff has also been called upon by several agencies across North America to provide his expertise in configuring their fixed-wing platforms, from aircraft selection, TFO workspace design, sensor and downlink selection, radio programming, and even the development of complex video schematics to get the most out of each camera within the chosen sensor providing the absolute best situational awareness for TFOs.

Prior to joining Air Ops, Jeff worked several assignments, including patrolling in CHP's specially marked white Camaros, Public Affairs, Court Liaison, Tow Officer, Golden Gate Division Honor Guard, Area Advanced Accident Investigation Team, Microsoft Visio and Lojack instructor, and coordinating the Senior Volunteer program. Prior to joining the CHP, Jeff’s passion for electronics began with car audio and anything tech related at the age of 14.

Most recently, Jeff has been training TFOs from California to Florida in his flying classroom providing one on one instruction on pursuit techniques, surveillance tactics, to maritime patrol and thermography. Furthermore, he has contributed ideas to various companies aimed at enhancing the overall experience of airborne law enforcement.

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