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Phil Cady

Tactics Instructor

Phil Cady is the primary Tactics Instructor for Tactical Flying, and a 28-year veteran with San Diego Police Department. Following a successful career as a patrol officer, Phil transitioned to SDPD’s Air Support Unit in 1999, and retired 20 years later as a Helicopter Pilot and Lead Tactical Flight Officer Trainer. During that time, Phil clocked over 10,000 hours as an aircrew member, with over half that time spent as Pilot in Command. He is a dually-rated commercial pilot (fixed-wing and helicopter), a helicopter Certified Flight Instructor, and an instrument-rated pilot for fixed-wing flight.

Through a blend of systematic training and applied experience, Phil has repeatedly transformed patrol units from effective street cops into highly skilled tactical flight operators. As such, he is recognized as an authority in his field, and has written for a variety of law enforcement periodicals, including the Airborne Public Safety Association’s Air Beat Magazine.

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