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Cody Robinson

Tactics Instructor

Cody Robinson brings to the table a 14-year tenure with the Houston Police Department, where he has not only served as a Police Officer and Sergeant but has also distinguished himself within the HPD Air Support Division. For over nine years, Cody has been a Tactical Flight Officer, pilot, and Instructor Pilot. Accumulating more than 2,500 flight hours, his expertise spans airborne thermal imaging, Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) training, along with comprehensive initial and recurrent pilot instruction.

Cody stands as an authority on thermography, airborne law enforcement strategies, and the intricacies of training and documentation within this specialized field. His experience is complemented by his involvement in various assignments across his career, covering street patrol, crime suppression, and roles as a field training officer and evaluator. Moreover, Cody's aviation credentials are unparalleled, with over two decades as a fixed-wing pilot and instructor.

Cody's blend of law enforcement and aviation experience equips him with insights into the airborne law enforcement sector. His proficiency extends beyond flying, touching on the technological aspects of surveillance aircraft and related equipment. Cody is adept at utilizing thermal imagers, mapping systems, flight manuals, and documentation software, and possesses a thorough understanding of complex systems and tactical operations.

Gain from his profound knowledge and experience in airborne law enforcement and aviation. Whether you're looking to master airborne surveillance techniques or deepen your understanding of tactical flying, Cody is the guide you need to elevate your skills to new heights.

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