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Web based E-Courses

Tactical Flying is now offering “on demand” web based training! Our courses can now be completed at home or in between flights. A cost effective option, the on-demand courses are the closest alternative to in-person training.

Our web based e-courses are produced using studio quality audio, video, lighting and software to provide you the highest quality training our instructors are recognized for. This is an excellent option for completing recurrent training or meeting continuing education requirements.

TFO/Pilot Comprehensive Thermal Tactics Course


This aircrew infrared tactics course helps you maximize the ability and investment of your law enforcement aircraft, thermal imager and searchlight.

Students will be instructed in topics such as law enforcement crew resource management, aviation safety, infrared technology, suspect apprehension, aircraft positioning, vehicle pursuits, and many other applicable airborne law enforcement topics. This is the ONLY course of its kind worldwide.

Length: 16 hours of classroom instruction (2 Days)

Tactical Flying Workshop

This course includes everything from the 2 day comprehensive thermal tactics course and expands on it by including courtroom testimony procedures, legal aspects of airborne law enforcement and fundamentals of legal surveillance.

In the Legal Aspects and Courtroom Testimony Course, students will dive into the the legal side of Airborne Law Enforcement. The course will take the IR theory and tactics learned in the Thermal Tactics Course and discuss how they are influenced by the legal aspects associated with the job. The 4th Amendment and how it relates to Airborne Law Enforcement, as well as how to testify to our mission, in particularly as it pertains to IR.

Length: 24 hours of classroom instruction (3 Days)

Coordinated Response to Sideshows/Intersection Takeovers


This course is designed to provide instruction to prevent and deter illegal sideshows.

Instruction covers every facet of Sideshow Enforcement to include: Dangers of sideshows, their evolution to what they have become today, tactics and failed tactics previously attempted, Officer Safety in enforcement, proven tactics in shutting down and deterring sideshows, legal implications, and establishing local ordinances and prosecution of arrests and citations.

Sideshow Enforcement is recommended for current airborne law enforcement Officers and units, patrol officers, traffic enforcement commanders, and special operations personnel that may be tasked with enforcement at sideshow events.

*Restricted to Law Enforcement Only

Length: 16 hours of classroom instruction (2 Days)

UAS Tactical
Apprehension Course


This course is for law enforcement drone operators who possess their Part 107 license and plan to utilize a UAS for apprehending suspects. It is imperative for drone operators to have tactical training in utilizing their drone to assist in locating and apprehending fleeing suspects.

Students will be instructed in current tactics and trends used by suspects to flee from crime scenes and evade capture. This class focusses on the fundamentals required to integrate with law enforcement ground units and provide them critical information and tactical direction.

Length: 16 hours of classroom instruction (2 Days)