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The capabilities of law enforcement aircraft and the technology available to aircrews have changed significantly over the years. Thermal imagers, night vision goggles, moving maps and other hi-tech equipment now enable crewmembers to perform tactical missions much safer and far more effectively than in years past. The use of that technology, however, and the tactics that enable crewmembers to work safely and effectively while using it are not necessarily intuitive.

Tactical Flying specializes in providing airborne law enforcement units with the most advanced thermal imaging and aircrew tactical training available. These training programs were created from within the industry, took years to develop and are now taught worldwide. Aviation and officer safety, crew coordination and technical proficiency are emphasized throughout the training process.

Aviation legal training for Public Aircraft operations, civil liability and Fourth Amendment issues is also available. Police chiefs, sheriffs and the aviation unit’s entire chain of command should consider this training mandatory.

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Tactical Flying uses state of the art 3-D motion graphics and actual videos from real incidents to help students visualize and understand many of the key issues that will affect the outcome of their missions – missions that can expose them to significant risk. Airspeeds, altitudes, search angles, the use of appropriate technology, crew coordination, air unit/ground unit coordination and other factors are discussed at length and presented in an easy to understand format.

One common misconception is that tactical training is for Tactical Flight Officers only. The fact is no tactical training program would be effective if all crewmembers weren’t on the same sheet of music. Tactical Flying’s courses are for pilots, Tactical Flight Officers and management personnel. They emphasize how aviation safety and tactical effectiveness go hand-in-hand, and why good crew coordination is necessary to enhance the safety and effectiveness of air and ground units.

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Tactical Flying instructors are airborne law enforcement professionals with decades of experience in the airborne law enforcement industry. They include graduates of airframe manufacturer helicopter training programs and U.C. Hastings College of the Law.

No other company provides the specific type and quality of training as Tactical Flying. Please take a few minutes and browse our website and then contact us if you have any questions!